Official Description Edit

Resume: Dealers that wish to further develop their craftsmanship can be promoted to Artisans. As Artisans, they can create rare items by learning various crafting skills. They can also create summoning items that will call spirits to aid them in battles.

Characteristics: Artisans prefer dark clothing, as well as a broad brimmed hat to block the glare of the sun when they travel. They also carry backpacks which allow them to gather many crafting materials. Around their waists, they often carry a water bottle and simple tools for item crafting.

Weapons: Artisans are adept at handling Guns.

Battle Strategy: Artisans are not well suited to solo battles, but can summon spirits to fight for them. Artisans can back up these battles spirits as they confront enemies. (Not implemented yet)

Main Skills: Artisans have various item creation skills which allow them to create weapons, armor, antique products, or to purify gemstones. They can summon spirits to aid them in battles.

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