Official Description Edit

Resume: A Muse can advance to Cleric after obtaining the power of holiness.The magic of Clerics can be used to heal and cure allies during battles.

Characteristics: As religious devotees, Clerics prefer wearing neat, clean clothing, and light colored armors. They often mark their armor with holy symbols as a demonstration of their faith.

Weapons: Clerics generally wield a short Wand in one hand and a SubItem support tool in the other.

Battle Strategy: Clerics are generally suited to aiding party members from behind by using their many support skills. They are more often than not creating bonfires to heal party members and themselves. In a party, Clerics can ensure that their comrades will not fall in battle.

Main Skills: Clerics dont really have a what to spec attribute, so they can specialize in alot of things i.e Dex/Cleric, Str/Cleric or just pure Intelligiance. They have also a versiaty of different attack skills which can be used to defeat your enemies.

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