Gems are a highly sought after material in ROSE Online. a Gem possess powerful abilities which can be used to create even more powerful weapons. Each Gem has 7 different grades, each grade is bigger and gives a more powerful stat, Gems can be created by Artisans with the Gem Cutting skill. The gem must be placed into the socket of an item to be used, which are created through the use of drills.

Grades Edit

Gems have seven grades and the higher the grade, the more powerful the gem. Artisans can upgrade these gems through their skills. More can be found more about gems and upgrading at Crafting.

Gems and Their Effects
Gem Effect
Ruby Adds Strength
Garnet Adds Dexterity
Sapphire Adds Concentration
Topaz Adds Intelligence
Emerald Adds Sense
Beryl Adds Charm
Diamond Adds Attack Power
Peridot Adds Attack Speed
Amethyst Adds Max HP
Jade Adds Recovery and MP Recovery
Moonstone Adds Attack Accuracy
Opal Magic Resistance
Pink Opal Adds Defense
Quartz Adds MP Recovery Rate
Star Agate Adds Attack Accuracy and Attack Power
Star Quartz Adds Attack Accuracy and Dodge
Sunstone Adds Attack Accuracy and Attack Speed
Tanzanite Adds Critical
Turquoise Adds Max MP
Zircon Adds HP Recovery Rate

Sockets and Drills Edit

Sockets are required to use gems in weapons, jewelry and armor. Once a socket has been made, the gem can then be placed into the weapon. Note that once this is done, it cannot be reversed.

Drills Edit

Drills can create sockets for which the gems are used. Drills are rare items that can drop from any monster. The higher the grade of the drill, the greater the chance of success.