Official Description Edit

Resume: A Muse can advance to Mage after obtaining the power of nature. Mages are known for the sheer power of their offensive magic spells.

Characteristics: Usually, Mages wear armor that makes them look gloomy, evil or eccentric. Sometimes they put on long and pointed hats, making them look like witches.

Weapons: Generally uses a long staff in order to increase concentration and success chance of using skills.

Battle Strategy: Since they possess weak physical strength, they do not confront enemies at the front line of battle. Instead, Mages use magic spells from a distance to attack their enemies and can summon legendary animals to protect them from enemy attack. Mages can be great partners for Knights and Champions by backing them up with their powerful magic.

Main Skills: Most of the Mage's skills are derived from the forces of nature. They are able to wield magic with the attributes of Fire, Ice, Lightning, Storm and Stone. They can also summon legendary animals or use a few basic healing spells.

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