Official Description Edit

Resume: Hawkers can be promoted to Raiders which specialize in delivering deadly attacks. Raiders possess fast movement, hiding abilities and fatal blow skills, so it is ideal for them to use hit and run tactics in battle.

Characteristics: In order to move as quickly as possible, Raiders do not carry many things or wear heavy armor. They wear leather laces tightened around their body, as well as a magic manteau. In melee fights, Raiders can wear armor made of thin metal plates or scales. Raiders are sharp dressers and can wear stylish feathered hats.

Weapons: Raiders, for the most part, use Dual Wield weapons or Katars, but they can also equip Bows.

Battle Strategy: Due to their weakness in defense, Raiders should avoid direct confrontations with enemies when possible. Raiders can hide until the enemy is near enough for a sudden surprise attack. They also have a good dodge rate, allowing them to do solo play. In a party, Raiders may not actively be at the front line of battle due to their lack of defensive strength, but can they can contribute to fights by delivering fatal attacks when the time is right.

Main Skills: Raiders possess skills that that can inflict fatal blows and allow them to hide or camouflage themselves out of the enemy’s sight. They also can use poisoning abilities, as well as a special skill that increases their movement speed.