Stats are obtained each time a character levels, and each stat influences different things. The six stats are: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Concentration, Charm, and Sensibility. Strength, Dexterity, and Concentration mainly influence melee characters, while Intelligence and Sensibility influence magic type characters. Charm is beneficial equally to all classes. There is no restriction on which stat players can add to their characters. Along with in-game descriptions of the individual effects of each stat, there are also hidden elements of what each can do. These elements are:

Stat Affect
Strength (STR): The ability to hold better shields, more attack power with melee weapons, stronger defense, higher max HP, and the ability to hold more weight.
Dexterity (DEX): A better dodge rate, and more attack power with dual weapons, katars, and bows.
Intelligence (INT): Better max MP, and more attack power with staffs and wands.
Concentration (CON): Better attack accuracy, more attack power with guns and launchers, a higher MP and HP recovery rate, and more success when crafting gems.
Charm (CHA): More rewards when doing quests. Higher chance of quest item drop. Also the chance that you get attacked by creatures will slightly increase.
Sense (SEN): Better critical hit rate, more attack power with ranged weapons, and a better chance, when crafting an item, for the item to have better stats and durability.

What the Arua's Fairy say about statsEdit

Here is a table that sum up what the fairy at the start of the game say about each stats.

Full Name Effects
STR Strength
DEX Dexterity
INT Intelligence
CON Concentration
CHA Charm
  • Affect interactions with NPCs and XP gained in completing quests.
  • Higher chance of a quest item to drop.
  • Slightly affects drop amount
SEN Sense
  • Affect options added when crafting.
  • Increase damage of long range skill attacks.
  • Increase critical.
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