Basics Edit

Obtaining Weapons Edit

Equipping/Unequipping Weapons Edit

To equip a weapon, you must first select the Equip window. There are two ways to equip a weapon, either drag into the inventory space or double click the weapon and it will be equipped in the appropriate slot.

To unequip a weapon, simple click and drag it out of the box and it will be put back into the inventory.

Who Uses What Edit

Each class has its own specific weapons that it has access to. At the beginning, weapons will only have a level requirement. However, weapons soon become specialized towards each class that uses them.

Weapon Types Edit

Soldiers will use:

Hawkers will use:

Muses will use:

Dealers will use:

Weapon Requirements Edit

Weapons will usually have 2-3 requirements on them. These include level, stat requirement, or item appraisal.

Prefixes Edit

Prefixes come from the more uncommon blue items, which either boost a stat, or lower it's level requirement, more can be found about prefixes here.

Weapon Modification Edit

Weapons can be modified in many ways, either through refining it, drilling sockets, and putting in gems.

Weapon upgrades Edit

A weapon can be modified for additional damage through refining and gems.

Slots Edit

Slots can be added to a weapon through the use of drills, where a gem can then be inserted.

Gems Edit

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